Experienced Osteopath in Penrith

If you’re looking for an osteopath to help you manage pain associated with a range of conditions and injuries, then Back 2 Life is here to help.

About Margaret Towson, the qualified Back2Life practitioner.

Experience Osteopathy & Acupuncture Treatment

Margaret is an experienced, GOsC registered, osteopath based in Penrith, with 25+ years in the industry. After an operation, Margaret’s recovery was greatly aided by having treatment by an osteopath. This then prompted her decision to begin her journey into education on the practices and benefits of osteopathy and why it has such a significant impact on pain in the body. 

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Osteopathy in Penrith

Back 2 Life Penrith holds core values built into its business practices.

Honest & Professional Advice

Margaret will provide expert & honest advice to set realistic expectations for treatment.

Personal & Achievable Plans

Your plan is individually tailored to your personal circumstances to ensure maximum benefit from treatment.

Education & Implementation

Throughout your treatment, Margaret will suggest interventions and home exercises, if possible, such that you can engage with the therapeutic process in order to maximise the benefits of treatment.

What we do

Our Treatments

We provide osteopathy and acupuncture treatments to treat a variety of problems such as:

If you’re experiencing pains and would like advice on whether a treatment would be suitable for reducing symptoms, please get in touch.

Treatment for All Ages

I provide treatment for young children, the elderly and everyone in between.


I provide high-quality osteopathy services throughout Penrith and the surrounding areas.

Bespoke Treatment

Your treatment plan is tailored to your issues to target specific symptoms of pain.


I provide a wide range of acupuncture services to treat specific types of pain.

Do you have regular pains with your muscles, joints or bones?

If so, Back 2 Life Penrith may be able to help you!

Margaret is a qualified, highly skilled practitioner able to offer bespoke osteopathy and acupuncture services. For more information on how she may be able to help, please contact Margaret on 01768 840895

Why choose Back 2 Life

Benefits of Osteopathy Treatments

Osteopathy treatment provides a wide range of benefits that improve your overall quality of life:

Improved Moods & Reduced Stress Levels

Your emotions will be better regulated and you will see an increase in your overall mental health.

Reduced Pain & Improved Sleep

Pain symptoms will be reduced, if not dissipated entirely - which also leads to a night of deeper sleep.

Mobility & Ability

You will have more energy for physical tasks and an ability to do things more easily.

How it works

Our Process

Speak to Margaret to begin your journey to improving your health!



Book your first consultation for Margaret to take the time to understand your focus for treatment.

Bespoke Plan

Agree on a plan of action with clear goals that will lead to a noticeable improvement in your life.


Start Treatment

Schedule appointment times that are convenient for you to receive your chosen treatment.


Most Popular Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it necessary to undress for the treatment?

In most cases, it will enable me to get a better understanding of the issue if you were to undress to your underwear. This is because it allows me to get a clearer picture of how your body moves.

If for any reason you feel unable to do this, please let me know in advance, and I will make adaptations to make you more comfortable.

How long will it take to notice improvement?

Many people notice improvement within a couple of days – immediately, in some cases! However, it must be noted that it’s also quite common to feel some soreness either later the same day or the following morning, If this happens, please don’t be alarmed! It’s perfectly normal and should not last long.

How often will I need to see you?

That depends entirely on you and the symptoms we are working on! A week between your first two treatments is generally optimal, but this gap is often increased as you have more treatments and enjoy significant improvement.

What do I need to do after treatment?

REST! This avoids putting stress on the treated area and enables me to monitor any developments. When you have noticed a significant improvement, I can often recommend specific exercises, but these will depend on the issue being treated. Keeping to your normal routine as much as possible is also to be recommended.

Are there other treatments that work well with osteopathy?

There certainly are, and I will be happy to discuss any possible complementary therapies that might be useful to you.

Do I need painkillers?

If you currently take painkillers, there’s nothing to stop you from carrying on doing so.

Does my doctor need to know that I'm seeing an osteopath?

Whenever you begin a treatment that your doctor is monitoring it is best to make sure they know. This allows them to monitor your progress.

Do You Want to Know How Much Treatment Costs?

The overall cost of treatment will depend on the regularity of your appointments and the time spent on each appointment.

Your first appointment is for up to an hour, to allow time for case-history taking, examination and treatment and will cost £55.

Any follow up treatments are for up to half an hour and will cost £45.

For more information on our pricing, click below.


What They Say About Us

With over 25 years experience in the industry, I pride myself on reliability, professionalism and high-quality services.